No longer here.
I've moved blogs, but I'm keeping this URL.

So I've gotten rid of this account.This character has a lot of baggage about him, there are quite a few things I’m not entirely happy about, and I just don’t feel comfortable on this account any more, if I’m entirely honest.
I feel judged, I feel watched, I feel paranoid, I feel ridiculously insecure on here, and I can’t shake the feeling that quite a lot of you actually hate me.
It’s been fun and all, it really has, but I’m just not content with how things are and I don’t want to write somewhere where I feel this insecure.
However, I’m not disappearing completely. I've restarted this character. New blog, different url, completely blank slate. If we had an AU or something going that you’d like to continue, I’ll just reply from there or on my modern day England account.

If you want to follow my new account, click the link below.